German Ales: Hefeweizen

Notes: These beers are made with at least 50 percent malted wheat. Hefeweizens are very highly carbonated. These beers are typically (though not always) roused during pouring, and when yeast is present, they will have a yeasty flavor and a characteristically fuller mouthfeel.

  • ABV: 4.9%-5.6%
  • ABW: 3.9%-4.4%
  • IBU: 10-15
  • Color (SRM): 3-9
  • Color (EBC): 6-18
  • Original Gravity: 1.047-1.056
  • Original Gravity °P: 11.7-13.8
  • Final Gravity: 1.008-1.016
  • Final Gravity °P: 2.1-4.1

Style info provided entirely or in part by the Brewers Association 2021 beer style guidelines.

15 Hefeweizen Reviewed

Beer Brewery Rate Avg.
Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 9.00
SunRay Wheat Beer Terrapin Brewing Company 6.50
White Lady Double Wit Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery 5.00