English Ales: English India Pale Ale

Notes: A wide range of hop varieties may be used for bitterness or for approximating traditional English hop character. The use of water with high mineral content may result in a crisp, dry beer rather than a malt-accentuated version.

  • ABV: 4.5%-7.1%
  • ABW: 3.6%-5.6%
  • IBU: 35-63
  • Color (SRM): 6-14
  • Color (EBC): 12-28
  • Original Gravity: 1.046-1.064
  • Original Gravity °P: 11.4-15.7
  • Final Gravity: 1.012-1.018
  • Final Gravity °P: 3.1-4.6

Style info provided entirely or in part by the Brewers Association 2021 beer style guidelines.

6 English India Pale Ale Reviewed

Beer Brewery Rate Avg.
Blackheart Three Floyds Brewing Company 8.12
Crown Jewels India Pale Ale Dragonmead Microbrewery 7.76
IPA Arcadia Brewing Company 8.40
Mick Jaggery English IPA Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery 8.94
Signature IPA (Yards India Pale Ale) Yards Brewing Company 8.24
Trinity IPA Trinity Brewhouse 5.42