Brewery Hop to Olde Peninsula Brewpub & Restaurant

on Sunday, December 27, 2009

A corner view of both sides of Olde Peninsula Brewpub a nice place to have lunch, with the kids, and a few beers.

On a trip through south-west Michigan, my last city stop before heading home was Kalamazoo. The plan was to stop at Olde Peninsula Brewpub & Resaurant for some food and a few beers. That plan turned out to golden as the wife, kids, and myself all enjoyed our lunch at the somewhat English styled pub.

The brewery itself was visible from and to the backs of the people who bellied up to the bar. About the size one would expect with a couple of fermentors, a boil kettle, and mash tun. Nothing was happening on a Sunday a few days after Christmas so I could only look and wonder what concoction was fermenting behind the stainless steel walls.

The service at the bar as well as the person that waited our table was above average, extremely friendly, and helpful. All making the experience even more fillfulling. The food was generously priced with the kids meals around $3, which is a bargain when you have three of them. :) Sandwiches and normal bar fair were also reasonably priced while the food was hot, tastey, and of ample portion size. We also had a four beer sampler before we ate to get a feel for their beers. We had: OP IPA 8/10, Rockin' Razberry Wheat 7/10, Sunset Red 6/10, and Vanilla Porter 8/10. All in all, I was very pleased with their beer offerings.

Olde Peninsula has a nice English feel while catering to American craft beer fans. The food, service, and beer is really good. This might not be your main stop in Kalamazoo, as Bells is only a half mile away, but it should definitely be on your stop list if you do make it to the south-west portion of Michigan. Enjoy!

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