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Clown Shoes
23 Hayward Street
Ipswich, NY 01938

Category: Brewery

Beer Review Stats:
  • - 9 different beers
  • - drank 13 times
  • - 7.00 average rating
  • - $4.82 overall average cost per serving
  • - $0.22 price per ounce

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Still Brewing 9
  Beer Style
Brown Angel - Clown Shoes Brown Angel American Brown Ale
Clementine - Clown Shoes Clementine Witbeir
Eagle Claw Fist - Clown Shoes Eagle Claw Fist American Amber/Red Ale
Exorcism At Sunset - Clown Shoes Exorcism At Sunset American Imperial Stout
Hammer Of The Beast - Clown Shoes Hammer Of The Beast American Strong Ale
Hoppy Feet - Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet American Black/Cascadian Dark Ale
Space Cake - Clown Shoes Space Cake Imperial/Double India Pale Ale
Supa Hero - Clown Shoes Supa Hero Imperial/Double India Pale Ale
White Tail Unidragon 2018 - Clown Shoes White Tail Unidragon 2018 Russian Imperial Stout
  • (3.802)
    1,645,202 ratings, 268 beers
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