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800 East Roosevelt Road Suite C
Lombard, IL 60148
(630) 376-6895

Category: Brewery

Beer Review Stats:
  • - 9 different beers
  • - drank 7 times
  • - 8.27 average rating
  • - $6.38 overall average cost per serving
  • - $0.38 price per ounce
Establishment Notes:
Do not drink their NEIPAs fresh as you will experience hop burn. Give them a week to mellow and two to three weeks before they are probably in their prime. Going to a new release it is better to get the last release on tap rather than the current.

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Still Brewing 9
  Beer Style
Barrel Aged Kaput - Noon Whistle Brewing Barrel Aged Kaput American Barleywine
Funny Gummy - Noon Whistle Brewing Funny Gummy American IPA - New England (NEIPA)
Guava Gose Smack - Noon Whistle Brewing Guava Gose Smack Gose
Gummy Banter - Noon Whistle Brewing Gummy Banter American IPA - Imperial New England (INEIPA)
Gummypocalypse - Noon Whistle Brewing Gummypocalypse American IPA - Imperial New England (INEIPA)
Mosaic Gummy - Noon Whistle Brewing Mosaic Gummy American India Pale Ale
Paranormal Gummy - Noon Whistle Brewing Paranormal Gummy American IPA - New England (NEIPA)
Squishy Gummy - Noon Whistle Brewing Squishy Gummy American IPA - New England (NEIPA)
You Big Gummy - Noon Whistle Brewing You Big Gummy American IPA - New England (NEIPA)
  • (3.890)
    238,442 ratings, 334 beers
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