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Lunar Brewing Co.

54 E. St. Charles Road
Villa Park, IL 60181
(630) 530-2077

Category: Brewery

Overall: 7.0/10 by 1 dude

Dudes: 7.0/10

Price Index: 7.0/10 (little less than expected)

Visit Again: 100%

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  • 7/10 visit again
  • Q: 7.0 | S: 7.0 | A: 7.0 | P: 7.0 | A: 7.0
  • Lunar has about seven or so of their own beers on tap and, depending if you come at the right time, one or more will either be imperial and/or bourbon barrel aged. If you don't like their beers on tap, they have a huge selection of American craft beer to select from.

    The brewery is an old corner street bar that was purchased to convert into a small brewery. So it has the small town charm, noting fancy. Don't know if they are kid friendly.

    Since their kitchen is the brewery there really isn't any food to speak of but you are encourage to order and have it delivered. The small amount of food they do have is priced well.

    They only have two bartenders and it wasn't overly busy when I was there, but, at times, I still had to wait several minutes to get another beer. Definitely nice but a tad bit slow.

    Overall a nice little place to hang out and have a beer. I wish they had a better website so that I could find out what is going on (they use facebook). I will be going back. Enjoy!
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