Hop: Backa


Backa is a landrace variety that was bred in the Backa region of Serbia with an unknown pedigree, dating back to 1956. Sister of Neoplanta and Vojvodina. Backa does not adapt well to other growing conditions.

The USDA also lists 21080 as Backa but they seem to be slightly different based on identifiable attributes (alpha acid, etc). The assumption is that they are the same hop.

The alpha acid level of this hop has been on the drop, seemingly due to virus.

General Information

Alias USDA 56002
Profile Very aromatic, with similarities to other Central European varietals.
Country Yugoslavia
Substitutes Hallertau, Strisselspalt
Purpose Aroma
Yield Very good in Yugoslavia, Fair to good in United States
Storage Retains 67% alpha acid contents after 6 months of storage at 68°F.
Beer Styles Lager
Tolerant Verticillium Wilt
Susceptible Downy Mildew


Alpha Acid 3.1 - 6.9%
Beta Acid 4.0 - 7.4%
Cohumulone 25.0%


Total Oil 0.4 - 1.0 ml/100g
Myrcene N/A
Humulene N/A
Caryophyllene N/A
Farnesene N/A

Additional Characteristics

Growth Rate Good to very good
Maturity Late
Sex Female
Leaf Color Light Green
Side Arm Length 12" - 30"
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Did you know?
  • Dwarf variety hops grow shorter in height than traditional varieties but, importantly, produce the same yield. This combination makes harvest easier.
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  • Storage: is based on the percentage of alpha acids remaining after 6 months at 20*F.
  • Oil composition percetages are based on the total percentage of oil in the hop. Example: 10 - 20% means that for the specific oil it is 10 - 20% of the overall oil make up.
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