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Blato has an unknown parentage but is believed to be related to Saaz. Blato originated from a regional variety knows as Ustecky Krajovy, Registered in 1952, is considered one of the oldest authorized Czech Republic hops. Noble characteristics make Blato subtle/smooth which is great for Pilsners.


Elsaesser is an old land race from the Alsace region of France with unknown pedigree. Grown commercially in the Alsace region of France but is very limited in acreage.


Lubelska has heritage from Saaz which come through in the fine aroma characteristics. Despite being mostly used by Polish breweries, this hop originated in Zatec, Czechoslovakia.


Lucan was a clonal selection of another Czechoslovakian hop, Zatecky Krajovy, made by the Hop Research Institute in Zatec, Czechoslovakia. One of the oldest Czechoslovakian recognized varieties, it is grown in limited acreage. Very closely related to Saaz.


Saaz, a noble hop, is low in alpha acids but is still used for bittering quite often. Saaz was officially registered in 1952 but dates back at least 700 years, originating in the Czech Republic. It is one of the original noble hops. Saaz has issue with disease and low growth rate.

Did you know?
  • Dwarf variety hops grow shorter in height than traditional varieties but, importantly, produce the same yield. This combination makes harvest easier.
  • Storage: is based on the percentage of alpha acids remaining after 6 months at 20*F.
  • Oil composition percetages are based on the total percentage of oil in the hop. Example: 10 - 20% means that for the specific oil it is 10 - 20% of the overall oil make up.
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