Drakonic Imperial Stout - Drake's Brewing Company

Drakonic Imperial Stout

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Style: Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 8.75%

IBU: 40

Season: Occasional

  • (3.889)
    over 13,173 ratings
Beer Notes
  • Our malty beast. Two-row malt, Chocolate malt, roasted barley and dark Crystal malts make up the grist. Columbus hops, added for bittering only, allow the abundance of malt in this beer to shine through. Drakonic is smooth and dense with flavors of licorice, coffee, and chocolate and a slightly dry finish.
Beer Swapping
  • American 2-Row barley, C-120, Roasted barley, C-45, Chocolate, Black
  • German Magnum
  • White Labs 001