Brown Angel - Clown Shoes

Brown Angel

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Overall: 6.42/10 by 2 dudes

Standard Deviation: 0 or 0%

Trend: 6.42/10 over past 5 reviews

Style: American Brown Ale

ABV: 7.00%

IBU: 40

Season: Year Round

Have Another: 0%

310 beers rated with a 8.28 average
  • 6.42/10 have another
  • A: 6.0 | T: 6.0 | L: 8.0 | M: 7.0 | O: 7.0
  • sDev: 0.00% Color: Brown
  • Pours a Ruby Brown with a huge foamy head. Head lingers and leaves a heavy lacing on the glass.

    Aroma is a Carmel malt sweetness, with a hint of pine hop.

    Taste is malty sweet with a mild bitter hop on the back end. I also get a brown nut taste in this beer. I kind of a strange after taste, might be a floral type taste.

    Overall this beer is pretty average, not bad, not really great either
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  • Reviewed: Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 22:37:32
  • Tasted: Thursday, April 14, 2011
  • $4.49 for 22 oz. bottle
1,469 beers rated with a 7.84 average
  • 6.42/10 have another
  • A: 7.0 | T: 6.0 | L: 9.0 | M: 6.0 | O: 6.0
  • sDev: 0.00% Color: Ruby-Brown
  • Pours clear with about a half glass of slightly off-white, frothy foam. Retention is stellar with lacing that is sticky and dry.

    Aroma is more malt than hops. Some nut, caramel, toffee, and slight roasted malts fuse together with citrus.

    Taste is light up front with the middle building with the aforementioned malt profile ending with a combination of citrus hops and the maris otter malt.

    Medium body is a stretch while the carbonation is minimal.

    Once again I am not too excited about another Clown Shoes beer. This is my least favorite of the four we tried. Enjoy!
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  • Reviewed: Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 22:31:10
  • Tasted: Thursday, April 14, 2011
  • $4.49 for 22 oz. bottle
  • (3.635)
    over 14,205 ratings
Beer Notes
  • Brown Angel was designed to have three distinct levels: a dark brown backbone with notes of chocolate and coffee resulting from the use of 1500 pounds of Maris Otter malt, aggressive American hops (Amarillo and Columbus) provide bitterness and some citrus, while a more delicate floral finish is achieved from the use of the classic English hop, East Kent Goldings. This is NOT your old school brown, but rather a sexy American interpretation. At 40IBUs and 7% Alcohol it goes down sneaky fast.
Cost Breakdown
  • $4.49, 2 serving(s), 22 oz. bottles
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