American Ales: Cream Ale

Mild, pale, light-bodied ale. Hop bitterness and flavor range from very low to low. Hop aroma is often absent. These beers are crisp and refreshing, with pale malt character predominates. A fruity estery aroma is perceived.

Notes: These crisp and refreshing beers are fermented warm with ale or lager yeast and lagered cold

  • ABV: 4.3%-5.7%
  • ABW: 3.4%-4.5%
  • IBU: 10-22
  • Color (SRM): 2-5
  • Color (EBC): 4-10
  • Original Gravity: 1.044-1.052
  • Original Gravity °P: 11-12.9
  • Final Gravity: 1.004-1.010
  • Final Gravity °P: 1-2.6

Style info provided entirely or in part by the Brewers Association 2021 beer style guidelines.

4 Cream Ale Reviewed

Beer Brewery Rate Avg.
Snowbunny Ale Hub City Brewing Company 6.15
Spotted Cow New Glarus Brewing Company 9.03
Sweet Action Sixpoint Craft Ales 8.27
Tis the Season Lil Beaver Brewery 6.32