Append Reviewing

Tastes change over time, therefore preceptions of a beer will change as well.

Append reviewing is the way that we provide the ability for users to continually keep track of their perception of a beer over time. We are encouraging beer reviews to be a developing profile instead of a one and done approach.

Append Reviewing Process
  • A beer reivew, once created, has a 1 day edit life.
  • Before the 1 days is up, the original review may be edited as many times as deemed necessary, including number ratings.
  • After the 1 days is up, the review may be edited but the oringal/old review(s) remains untouched and any subsequent appended reviews. The new comments and rating scores are appended to the original review, making a living, breathing and growing beer rating profile.
  • The newest rating scores become the new score, while the old score(s) is/are appended to the text review appropriately.
  • Ideally, reviews should be spaced out at least six months, if not a year. This allows for le terrior difference from year to year to set in.

Now get reviewing!

Tips on Reviewing
  • 10s should be few and far between: the beer is perfect and needs no improvement.
  • Reviews should be recent and, preferrably, from handwritten notes as it is sometimes difficult to remember the caveats of a beer.
  • Try to review a beer with an understanding of the style of beer that it is. Sometimes preconceived biasis on a style can cause trouble. Understand the effort involved in brewing the style.
  • This is not a race to see who can review the most beers in a day, week, month, year, etc. Like your beer, enjoy the experience.
  • NOTE: short reviews used to be allowed. Attempts to update a short review will convert it to a normal review.
Rules of Reviewing
  • Only American craft beers should be reviewed here.
  • Use English!
  • Some people are offended by off language, keep it to a minimum.
  • Review the beer and the characteristics of the beer. Don't review a beer if you have nothing constructive to say about the experience. This isn't a way to achieve a personal vendetta against a brewery.
  • Don't slam another user for their review. This isn't a he said, she said debate; it is your opinion about the beer. Period!