Unplugged Berliner Weiss - New Glarus Brewing Company

Unplugged Berliner Weiss

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Overall: 8.00/10 by 1 dude

Trend: 8.00/10 over past 5 reviews

Style: Berliner Weisse

ABV: 0.00%

Season: One-time

Have Another: 100%

1,462 beers rated with a 7.84 average
  • 8.00/10 have another
  • A: 8.0 | T: 8.0 | L: 8.0 | M: 8.0 | O: 8.0
  • Color: Light Straw
  • Pours so clear and light in color it is almost translucent. Barely any foam. The foam is white in color and creates only a thin layer; enough to cover the top of the beer. No retention but actually has a little bit of lacing.

    The aroma has tart grapes, mild yeast, and some funk. Tart possibly emanating from the grapes and hint of cherries.

    Big grape flavor. Sourness. Almost enough to make you pucker a bit. A little bit of wheat in the finish. Dry at the end.

    Light carbonation and mouth feel. Refreshing.

    I like the sourness of this beer. I could drink a whole bunch of these and still want more. If you are looking for something different and you can get your hands on it, go for it. Enjoy!
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  • Reviewed: Monday, August 10, 2009 at 23:29:08
  • Tasted: Monday, August 10, 2009
  • $2.49 for 12 oz. bottle
  • (3.806)
    over 12,172 ratings
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  • $2.49, 1 serving(s), 12 oz. bottles
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