Digital Dissolution - Cigar City Brewing

Digital Dissolution

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Style: American Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.00%

IBU: 32

Season: One-time

  • (3.804)
    over 1,150 ratings
Beer Notes
  • Born in Florida, theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler proposed the notion of "digital dissolution", a concept of digital physics inexorably connected to fundamental questions of the nature of time and existence. Born in California, Bottle Logic Brewing tackles questions of the nature of time and existence by following their thirst of knowledge and beer. Born at Cigar City Brewing, Digital Dissolution is a British-style Imperial Stout brewed with canistel, colloquially called "eggfruit", that finds Cigar City Brewing and Bottle Logic Brewing exploring the furthest reaches of beer ingredients and processes to honor Professor Wheeler and his contributions to the theoretical realm of physics.
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