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K-9 Cruiser

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Overall: 7.12/10 by 1 dude

Trend: 7.12/10 over past 5 reviews

Style: Herb and Spice Beer

ABV: 7.40%

Season: Winter

Have Another: 100%

310 beers rated with a 8.28 average
  • 7.12/10 have another
  • A: 6.0 | T: 7.0 | L: 8.0 | M: 8.0 | O: 8.0
  • Color: Brown
  • Pours a clear brown color with a one finger creamy light tan head. Good retention on the head as it sticks around for the entire session. Spotty watery lacing.

    The aroma is fairly simple and straight forward. Bready malts, an earthy hop, and a light winter spice.

    The taste has a bit more to offer than the aroma. Sweet bready malts, a bit of dark fruit, with a mild earth hop finish. A very light winter spice is present as well. A bit of heat from the higher abv is noticeable.

    Medium body with a medium carbonation. Crisp and clean on the palate with a watery mouthfeel. Slightly sweet and sticky finish.

    Overall this is an enjoyable beer, but I feel that the aroma and the flavors seem a bit muted as I have to really search to find the complexity it hides. Nothing really bad here, but nothing that makes it really stand out for me either. It is nice to have a "winter" beer that is mildly spiced as sometimes the winter spiced beers can get a little over the top with the spices. It is worth at try!
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  • Reviewed: Tuesday, January 03, 2012 at 00:15:00
  • Tasted: Tuesday, January 03, 2012
  • $1.89 for 12 oz. bottle
  • (3.467)
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  • $1.89, 1 serving(s), 12 oz. bottles
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