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Daly Double

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Overall: 8.88/10 by 2 dudes

Standard Deviation: 0.12 or 1.35%

Trend: 8.88/10 over past 5 reviews

Style: American India Pale Ale

ABV: 7.00%

Season: One-time

Have Another: 100%

370 beers rated with a 7.94 average
  • 9.00/10 have another
  • A: 9.0 | T: 9.0 | L: 9.0 | M: 9.0 | O: 9.0
  • sDev: 1.35% Color: Deep Gold
  • A: Nice deep gold that a shade to the lighter sidew, a very slight haze, nice off-white delicate foam.

    S: Big tropical fruit (it's way I love Citra). Pineapple is most pronounced, then caramel malt. Maybe some woody note, another hop profile, Chinook maybe coming thru?

    T: Extremely well balanced between malt sweet and bitterness. It's got a little spice. The dryness comes through nicely. I like the lingering pink grapefruit aftertaste. Mouthfeel and carbomnation all good.

    O: This brew stacks up with the best IPAs anywhere. Kind of remionds me of an Alpine.
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  • Reviewed: Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 21:24:14
  • Tasted: Thursday, January 12, 2012
  • $7.99 for 22 oz. bottle
1,469 beers rated with a 7.84 average
  • 8.76/10 have another
  • A: 9.0 | T: 9.0 | L: 10.0 | M: 8.0 | O: 8.0
  • sDev: 1.35% Color: Deep Gold
  • Pours clear with half glass of with foam that froths up as it recedes. Lacing begins with some crescent wisps left behind.

    Aroma is hop forward as citra brings along tropical fruits. There is an underlying sweetness and slight woody scents.

    Taste is built on a caramel malt backbone in which very slight breadiness finds it way. Very juicy tropical fruit hop flavor is solid with bits of wood seeping in. A pleasant bitterness that lingers along with a subdued fruitiness.

    Quite the spritzy carbonation and a bigger end of light body.

    Surprised by the lightness to the body of the beer. Easy to drink, about as fresh as you can get a beer, and good balance. Enjoy!
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  • Reviewed: Monday, January 09, 2012 at 21:15:37
  • Tasted: Monday, January 09, 2012
  • $7.99 for 22 oz. bottle
  • (3.791)
    over 260 ratings
Beer Notes
  • We’re brewing The Daly Double, an India Pale Ale brewed in memoriam of a friend of Half Acre Beer Co.Terry Daly passed away suddenly after spending a lot of time at our brewery over the last few years. Terry was a fan of music, geometry, his two Huskies, Moon & Luna, and amply hopped craft beer. We’re pretty sure that Terry was the foremost consumer of Daisy Cutter Pale Ale. Terry began popping in to buy sixtels of Daisy and before long he stopped by almost everyday just to chew the fat. After a while, he had the authority to walk back into the brewery and go into the cold room to reserve himself kegs and manage his own kegerator inventory for his home Daisy Cutter supply. Being a bright dude, we put him to work wiring things or lending a hand doing whatever needed to be done. He’d turn others on to our beer and took pride in his connection to our brewery. All good breweries acquire people. These people become the larger body that is the meat of your brewing company. Not the tanks or the beers, but the heart of what we do. It has a pulse of its own and its one of the best things about brewing beer for a living. The Daly Double is for Terry and all the other folks that give breweries life . To Terry, Huzzah!
Cost Breakdown
  • $7.99, 2 serving(s), 22 oz. bottles
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