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Single-Wide IPA

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Overall: 7.51/10 by 3 dudes

Standard Deviation: 0.19 or 2.52%

Trend: 7.51/10 over past 5 reviews

Style: American India Pale Ale

ABV: 5.70%

IBU: 57

Season: Year Round

Have Another: 100%

310 beers rated with a 8.28 average
  • 7.76/10 have another
  • A: 7.0 | T: 8.0 | L: 8.0 | M: 8.0 | O: 8.0
  • sDev: 3.33% Color: Deep Gold
  • Love the label. Reminds me of a song by Southern Culture On The Skids - My House Has Wheels!

    Pours a cloudy deep golden color with a nice two inch foamy head. Nice retention with nice fluffy lacing.

    Aroma is floral with a sweet citrus, maybe grapefruit.

    Taste is very nice. A grain taste hit me up front and works its way into a nice balance of sweet citrus and floral hops. On the back end I am getting a pine hop with a hint of bitterness.

    Mouth feel is light with medium carbonation. Crisp and refreshing with a dry bitterness at the end.

    A good solid IPA. Very well balanced and refreshing! Would definitely have another.
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  • Reviewed: Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 22:19:17
  • Tasted: Thursday, May 12, 2011
  • $1.49 for 12 oz. bottle
1,469 beers rated with a 7.84 average
  • 7.48/10 have another
  • A: 9.0 | T: 7.0 | L: 7.0 | M: 7.0 | O: 7.0
  • sDev: 0.40% Color: Gold
  • Pours cloudy with about an inch of white, large bubbled, loosely packed foam. Retention is fleeting and lacing is barely there.

    Aroma has a nice citrus dry hop presence. Grapefruit is the main citrus with some caramel malt. The hops aroma make the aroma solid.

    Taste is well balanced. The sweet, caramel malt is up front while the end is citrus hops with minimal bitterness.

    Heavy end of light body. Carbonation is surprisingly missing from this beer. No, there is some but the expected zing was absent.

    A pretty solid offering of an IPA. Not over the top but solid: top to bottom. The aroma is king and the taste is well balanced. How much better would it be on tap? Enjoy!
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  • Reviewed: Thursday, September 23, 2010 at 21:53:08
  • Tasted: Thursday, September 23, 2010
  • $1.00 for 12 oz. bottle
370 beers rated with a 7.94 average
  • 7.30/10 have another
  • A: 7.0 | T: 7.0 | L: 7.0 | M: 8.0 | O: 8.0
  • sDev: 2.80% Color: Deep Gold
  • A: Golden gold color, bubbly head that quickly disapted.

    S: Kind of a low citrus upfront, followed by subdued malt. It presents an average level of invitiness.

    T: Very nice taste, a blend a subtle caramel malt sweet and a tree fruit note. Low carbonation and medium mouthfeel. A very small amount hop bitterness in the after taste.

    D: Like this brew. It's a low level IPA, but still distinctively in the style. It a session beer with class.
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  • Reviewed: Thursday, September 23, 2010 at 21:52:39
  • Tasted: Thursday, September 23, 2010
  • $1.00 for 12 oz. bottle
  • (3.570)
    over 100,777 ratings
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  • $1.16, 3 serving(s), 12 oz. bottles
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